All the Laurel and Hardy you could want

Laurel and Hardy created an amazing body of work, and if you want to enjoy your fill of it, you will want to buy the 21 disk box set from AMAZON.CO.UK
Currently priced at 42 GBP, that equals about $70, which is less than $3.50 per disc. It is an extraordinary value. HOWEVER, the discs are region 2, and will not play on most players sold in North America. No problem. Go to Amazon and search for “region free dvd player” You can probably pick one up for under $40. Check out the comments sections for tips on how to unlock the region. Apple computers will allow you to switch the region setting, a limited number of times. I have two iMac computers, one of which is dedicated to playing region 2 discs. Either solution will allow you to buy other sets not available in the U.S. Comedians like The Goodies, Will Hay or Norman Wisdom

6 thoughts on “All the Laurel and Hardy you could want”

  1. Also, this set isn’t complete. The two important films it doesn’t inclue are Fra Diavolo and Babes in Toyland.

  2. Or you can use freeware such as Mac the Ripper to create a region-free VIDEO-TS file that you can then burn to disc or play on any computer. Not that I would ever do anything illegal like that. —jt


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