Slava Polunin, part 1.

I saw Slava Polunin on tour with Cirque Du Soleil several years ago. I was pleased to find an entire hour of his “Snow Show” on youtube. It’s awesome work.

The care put into every moment is clearly evident. Early on, he enters pulling a rope, and does several variations of just rope pulling. The odd timing of them is funny. All the motion is delicate and strong at the same time.

The climax is a blizzard blowing into the audience. He did that part in the Cirque du Soleil, and the effect was unforgettable.  A huge ending will be unforgettable to an audience.

I will follow up with more about Slava, but for now, watch the video.

Lucille Ball

It’s time to tip my hat to Lucille Ball, perhaps the greatest female physical comedian of all time. It would be a shame for anyone not to know this scene…

And this is maybe equally famous, the vitameatavegamin commercial. Pardon the Russian subtitles, but it has the best image quality.

This next scene contains what is claimed to be the longest laugh in television history. Lucy has eggs stored inside her clothes, when she is asked to dance by Desi.

If you would like to learn more about Lucy, here is part 1 of documentary “Finding Lucy” It is worth watching.

Floyd the Android online

I have put my two Floyd the Android shorts online. This is my small homage to classic silent comedians. Floyd has shown in 40 film festivals, including TAAFI, Red Stick, Animation Block Party, and many international children’s film festivals. The shorts won a few awards, including a Special Jury Recognition at the Aspen Shortsfest.

I had intended to make something 1 minute long. I found I needed at the very least a minute and a quarter. The first short, Teleporter, is just one shot, and is more of a quick experiment with the character. I wanted to create a slapsticky character who succeeds. He’s not a loser who just gets knocked around and can’t win. He has a job to do, but he does it either in a foolish way, or just goofs around, and it leads him to trouble. But he sorts things out, and always completes the job and carries on.

My goal has been to create a character who could live beyond one short. So I did another one, this one more complex, but about the same length. He had to maintain the same “get the job done and carry” on story. There is something called the “Keaton Curve”. Referring to Buster Keaton, it is his ability to take a crazy circuitous route from the start, and wind up back where he started. That is what happens here.

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