“Funny Feet” documentary kick starter.

Regular visitors to this blog will know I have a love of eccentric dance. That is, funny dancing. Just look at the dance tag on the sidebar to find more posts on the topic.

Betsy Baytos was hired by Eric Larson to train as an animator at the Walt Disney studios. She also took up dance training with vaudevillian John Zerby and was introduced to the world of dancing for laughs. That all led to 30 years of work in animation and dancing, and extensive research into the history of eccentric dance. She has been working on a documentary on the subject, and has looked to kickstarter to help fund a trip to England to complete the research and interview stage. You can go to the Kickstarter page HERE.

I am pleased to support her in this blog, and as a backer. Watch this video, and see how many animators you can spot.

I can’t wait to see this completed. Please consider pitching in. While we are on the topic, here is one of my favorite dance related animations…

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