Moscow Ballet “parody” of swing dancing

These dancers had professional looking moves. Here is the info from Dark Roasted Blend.

Not sure how this passed the communist censorship, but the world-famous Moiseyev Ballet in Moscow performed this dance not only during their trips to America in the 1960s but also at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow in 1962. They did call it a “parody dance” in the official program – but they still have too much fun dancing it!

Billy Dainty

From wikipedia:

William Hooper Frank John Dainty was a British comedian, dancer, physical comedian and pantomime and television star.

Dainty’s repertoire of silly walks was unrivalled at the time. He could travel down the stage on his left foot, with his right leg raised throughout.

He embodied the authentic, original and exuberant spirit of the old style music hall tradition


From the youtube description: Nat Jackley, Dan Young and Norman Evans fooling about in Mancunian Films’ Demobbed (1944) in which Jackley, Evans and Young fresh out of the Army get jobs in a firm, an occupation that leads them to solve a crime and stage a concert party.

Some really funny dancing.

Variety Radio – Spencer Norwich

Spencer Norwich is the young man dancing to cartoony sound effects.  He saw my post and sent me a link to a better quality video.  

Spencer is interested in possibly getting into motion capture.  This is exactly the kind of person who should doing mocap.

Dancing to cartoony sound effects

This is a really interesting dance piece done at my alma mater, NYU. It’s artsy, yet funny. The dancer reminds me of Jim Carrey. I just wish the camera were closer.

Maybe the 11 second club should post a sound clip like this, something non narrative and a little wacky. Or make one for yourself.

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