Kanaban Graphics

I wish I knew more about Kanaban Graphics.   I first saw their work on Usavich Rabbits, a series of very short animated pieces from MTV Japan. Usavich Rabbits are a pair of bunnies who live in a Soviet prison. One of the bunnies is obsessed with a pair of sneakers he sees in a magazine. In the second season, they escape, and are chased by the authorities. Season three they reach a department store to buy the sneakers, but have to fight their way up 12 floors to get to them. It’s crazy.  Some poor videos exist on youtube, but Viacom keeps taking them down. I have ordered a dvd of all three seasons from eBay.

Kanaban Graphics does have it’s own youtube channel, with only a few videos on it.  The videos are similar to Usavich Rabbits in style. This one has a sheep who is obsessed with a handbag she sees in a magazine. I find these really fun, with a sort of video game atmosphere:

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