I have always found advertising characters to be really interesting. I have a couple of books with lots of illustrations of them. I recall working on a commercial for Borden’s Dairy, featuring Elsie the Cow and her family

I found the characters kind of disconcerting, and I finally realized it was the dad. He was half human, half bull, just like the Minotaur. In Greek mythology the Minotaur was the cursed offspring of a sacred bull and the wife of a king who had offended the gods.

The title of this post came from a comment on this next video, which contains an uncomfortably outdated character of it’s own.

So many of these characters promote the consumption of their own kind. It’s weird isn’t it? Which leads me to one of my favorite fake commercials from Saturday Night Live: Clucky Chicken. Ironically, you have to watch a real commercial to get to a fake one.

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