Youtube calling

I really like this stop motion animation, inspired by Basil Wolverton

It’s quick and fun, and nicely done. The animator was Thomas R. Smith

I also noticed two other things about it. It has 16 million views, and no advertising. I recently read that popular youtube videos with advertising earn about $5000 for every million views. By that number, “Ugly Girl” could have pulled in $80,000. I wonder if Mr. Smith intentionally declined, or was just unaware of the potential. UPDATE: On further thought, perhaps Smith doesn’t legally own the piece.

I know the people behind “Kozo, the Dancing Hippo” On youtube it has been duplicated and remixed so many times I haven’t bothered to count. The views on all of them runs into the tens of millions. I imagine if they had worked the system, they could have profited from each of them. I need to learn more.

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