Bob Maloogaloogaloogaloogalooga

I love stumbling across great performances of physical comedy. Quite a while ago I saw the movie “Big Man on Campus” on TV. Then I later picked up a VHS copy on a website. Made in 1989, the movie was also known as “The Hunchback of UCLA.” It stars Allan Katz (who was also the writer) as Bob, the hunchback. A student finds him living in a bell tower, hiding from the world, and takes it upon himself to bring Bob out into society.

For a good part of the movie, Bob speaks his own made up language, or just acts out his silent comedy. He is brutish, but loving. He is funny, sweet, and sad. This particular scene is an extraordinary melding of those three characteristics.

A character’s simplicity can allow him to do things he doesn’t understand are innapropriate. But doing so reveals more of his inner nature. In this next scene, he shows yet another side of himself.

Bob also has appetites, which is a classic component of any good character.

I recommend watching the whole film. It can be seen on youtube in it’s entirety HERE.

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