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Prior to beginning this blog, I would occasionally provide guest posts on a blog published by John Towsen.   I credit Mr. Towsen with inspiring my studies on physical comedy.  It was shortly after earning my BFA that I read his book, Clowns, which is unfortunately only available used. The book made me realize that cartoon characters are just an extension of the world of physical comedians. John is a professor of visual effects at Bloomfield College in New Jersey, and travels the world like some sort of slapstick Indiana Jones.

I wrote several pieces for that blog and I encourage you to explore it like I have. I tend to write a little more fully in those guest posts than I do here, as I want to appear to be in his league, which I’m not.

My latest post there is about Cantinflas, the great Mexican actor and dancer.

The work of Mexican comedian Cantinflas

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