A little pixilation

If you type “pixilation” into google, it will sometimes automatically change it to “pixelation.”     The former is the animation technique of moving human bodies around with a stop motion camera effect.  The latter is the what news programs do to cover the naughty bits in a nude photo.  Quite a few videos on the internet use the wrong spelling.

I recall a Porky Pig / Daffy Duck cartoon where Porky says to the duck,  “Aw, you’re p-p-p-pixilated!”

Here is a fun example from Spike Milligan. Thanks to a tweet from Chris Michael.

Wikipedia has links to quite a few other examples.

2 thoughts on “A little pixilation”

  1. I still find it shocking that most Americans haven’t heard of The Goodies. They used pixilation to greate effect in their shows. In this episode, for example, I count at least three. One of them is fairly subtle.


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