Rita Street’s guide to developing animated comedy for kids

Rita Street is a successful producer of television animation.  She is currently executive producer on the Cartoon Network show Hero: 108.  Now, she has used her substantial experience in pitching and selling TV animation to create a free e-book:

A Cartoon Girl’s Secret Guide to Developing Kids’ Comedy Series that Sell!


If you are seriously interested in creating an animated comedy series for kids, and pitching it to a network, you should spend a little time to read this very informative book.  It contains excellent, practical advice on developing ideas, and preparing log lines and sales bibles to show to executives.  I like to emphasize that comedy is a business.   You NEED to go after an audience.  To create a television series, that means going through the networks.  It is a very challenging industry, and Rita’s book offers sound advice.

More importantly, Rita clearly loves animation. She appreciates comedy and has some good suggestions on the topic.  It’s totally worth the time it takes to read.

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