Eccentric Dancer: Hal LeRoy

Hal LeRoy is another great eccentric dancer for animators to study.

HERE IS A LINK to a blog post from Filmstruck about him.

This next one has a unique camera angle from below a glass floor. You can get a great sense of how rotated his feet are.

I chose this next one for the staging. So many old Hollywood dance routines are on stages. Here is something a bit different. The trolley driver who dances on his station, then the platform, then dances through the car. Imagine the possibilities for places to dance.

This next one features something I can’t say I have seen before. Dancing on stilts. This is from a short film, “Rythmitis” which has the gimmick of pills that turn the user into an energetic dancer. It appears that this is another dancer in a Hal LeRoy film, but I’m not sure of his name.

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