My Little Pony and Commedia dell ‘arte

Youtube user Gimrak created this interesting comparison of My Little Pony characters to those found in the Italian commedia dell ‘arte. The rennaisance theater known as the commedia dell’arte gave the world a cast of characters that is still considered the foundation for archetypes in comedy. It was a robust style of theater worthy of the attention of animators.

While I very much appreciate anyone who takes the time to bring classic comedy education to animation, I would like to add my thoughts to his. I have no doubt he knows My Little Pony way better than I do, but I have researched the commedia pretty well.

His comparison of Fluttershy to Pedrolino is convincing. As is comparing Pinky Pie to Arlecchino. Trixie is clearly a braggart coward like Capitano.

However, the Italian Dottore (doctor) is more a fool than the pony counterparts he invokes. Discord, in MLP, seems to hold the role of a leading villain, which is more than lower/middle class Pulcinella would ever assume. He refers to zanni as a female character. The original Zanni was male, and later the name was extended to a class of characters.

I was unfamiliar with Flavio and Vittoria, probably because they are lesser known members of the inamorata, (the lovers) so I was glad to learn a little something about them. I hope that this video and post will inspire those in animation to learn more about the roots of cartoon comedy. My book is devoted to giving those in animation a solid understanding of comedy history. Click the image at the bottom to go to Amazon. Also, I have a few other posts on the topic, HERE IS A LINK to the topic here.

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