Wacky Races – for real.

Wacky Races was one of my favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Over the years it has inspired automobile lovers to recreate the highly caricatured cars and drivers in real life. First, enjoy this Peugeot advertisement. It gives all too brief glimpses of the famous cars. Obviously Peugeot wants you to look at their model. No doubt many of these are CG recreations of the more outlandish vehicles.

The Penelope Pitstop ending is so right.

If you are unfamiliar with the originals, here they are:

Wacky Races 01

THIS SITE has ranked the cars. THIS PAGE actually uses F-1 scoring to rank the best racers in the 17 episode series.

Starting a blog post often leads me to fun discoveries. In 2009, the Wacky Races were reproduced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. They did a fabulous reproduction, and I so wish I could have seen them. Here are the cars:

And some of the crew.

What many people may not know is Wacky Races was inspired by the Blake Edwards live action comedy epic The Great Race. In 2016 I was fortunate enough to stumble onto two of the original cars on display at a local theater. Professor Fate was the bad guy, and below is my photo of his car which could elevate to drive through snow.

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