The Mad animated TV series

If you haven’t seen the animated sketch comedy show “Mad” on the Cartoon Network, you are missing a great show. It’s very funny, and inspiring for it’s low budget production. I appreciate how they mimic the style of each show they are covering.

Here is a funny Avengers parody that mashes up other animated shows.

And a fun Toy Story 3 related clip.

Thunder LOLcats


Joe Frisco – Vaudeville dancer

This dancer smokes, literally.

I can’t imagine we’ll ever see cigarettes in American animated films again, but they are great props. Cruella DeVille wouldn’t have been the same without her quellazaire.

Funny short: Heaume Sweet Heaume

I laughed through nearly all of this great student work:

Heaume Sweet Heaume from Simon Popot on Vimeo.

It just needed a bigger ending. When I saw the meat and liquid on the floor, I thought for sure the knight would slip on them.

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