Toddler in a minion costume.

This is not a fail video, despite the graphic.  The boys response to falling is price­less.  If he broke down  cry­ing it would be much less funny.  It is the sur­vival of the spirit that makes great comedy.

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Funny short: Wake Up Call

Here is some ter­rific ani­ma­tion that is pure phys­i­cal com­edy. Funny and short.

Wake Up Call from Kevin Jack­son on Vimeo.

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Big Hero 6 character studies

This is a great video about the char­ac­ters in Big Hero 6.  Each char­ac­ter sim­ply enters and sits in a chair.  By hav­ing them do the same thing, it is clear how dif­fer­ent they are, and what is on their minds.

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Rickey Gervais on how Laurel and Hardy have influenced him.

Ricky Ger­vais on the radio describ­ing what he learned from Lau­rel and Hardy, and how he uses it in his work.

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Cartoons ain’t Human

I think this is my favorite Pop­eye car­toon.  He becomes an ani­ma­tor fer cryin’ out loud!  This film has amaz­ing visu­als.  Don’t miss the end when the pro­jec­tor starts going crazy.  I just found it on vol­ume 3 of the Pop­eye the Sailor col­lec­tion.  I can’t believe it didn’t get a com­men­tary track on the disc.

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