Rickey Gervais on how Laurel and Hardy have influenced him.

Ricky Ger­vais on the radio describ­ing what he learned from Lau­rel and Hardy, and how he uses it in his work.

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Cartoons ain’t Human

I think this is my favorite Pop­eye car­toon.  He becomes an ani­ma­tor fer cryin’ out loud!  This film has amaz­ing visu­als.  Don’t miss the end when the pro­jec­tor starts going crazy.  I just found it on vol­ume 3 of the Pop­eye the Sailor col­lec­tion.  I can’t believe it didn’t get a com­men­tary track on the disc.

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When cartoons attack

Russ­ian dash­board cams are the best.  Thanks to Stephen Worth for shar­ing this.

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Cantinflas biopic

I am a fan of all great phys­i­cal come­di­ans, and Can­ti­n­flas is one of those.  I have posted car­i­ca­tures of him pre­vi­ously here.  And I also did a guest post about his work, on John Towsen’s blog.

I have been taken by sur­prise with this new bio­graph­i­cal film about him, which opens in the­aters today.

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Robin Williams in Shakes the Clown

Shakes the Clown starred Bob­cat Goldth­wait, and billed itself as the “Cit­i­zen Kane of alco­holic clown movies.”  It’s not that great a film.  What I did like was the food chain of clowns.  Top of the food chain were the rodeo clowns.  Below them were the party clowns.  And at the bot­tom were the mimes.

Robin Williams appears as an angry mime instruc­tor and as always, he is great.

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