The face on Joaquin Phoenix’ forehead.

Joaquin Phoenix is extremely tal­ented.  So tal­ented, he has an extra face on his fore­head so he can act out of two faces at the same time.  Thanks to for this.

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Rik Mayall “Don’t Fear Death”

I am very sorry to say that come­dian Rik May­all died today. I dis­cov­ered him through an obscure kids show called Grim Tales. Later on I saw The Young Ones, and Bot­tom. Here is the last cred­ited work he did, nar­rat­ing “Don’t Fear Death” a short ani­mated film by Louis Hud­son. Thanks to Film School Rejects for the link.

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Edgar Wright: How to do visual comedy

Here is an excel­lent look at how Edgar Wright cre­ates com­edy sim­ply by how he shoots his scenes. He also tips his hat to animation.

Edgar Wright — How to Do Visual Com­edy from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

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Lisa Simpson — Inside Out

I was pok­ing around on the Simp­sons Wiki site, and I found these images, which I have crudely assem­bled into one pic. I am not famil­iar with the episode, but it looks likes Lisa Simp­sons sub­con­scious personified.


Appar­ently young girls are inhab­ited by such things. Pixar’s next fea­ture, “Inside Out” is about what goes on inside a girls mind. Below is a recently released image.


I’m not sur­prised that Pixar doesn’t include a chained up libido.

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Big Hero Six teaser

The teaser for Disney’s Big Hero Six looks promis­ing. The blobby white thing, called Bay­max, has some fun­da­men­tal com­edy hap­pen­ing. That kick­ing the ball ahead of his reach is an old bit.

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