Mummenshanz: Attitude and Conflict

Mummenshanz was a pantomime troupe founded in Switzerland in 1972.  They made fantastic use of masks and props, and brought abstract shapes to life with great character.

Wikipedia sez:

The name Mummenschanz is German for “mummery,” or a play involving mummers. Mummer is an Old English term for a mime artist.

I like this video not only for it’s fun, and it’s quick pace, but for the unmistakable character of the actors.  One is clearly the nice guy, and the other has a bad attitude and expresses it in the conflict he brings.

Method in Mime

John Towsen, keeper the great physical comedy blog All Fall Down makes use of a web service called scribd to post complete texts of publications.

This one is only 3 pages long, and presents a nice explanation of the differences between a mime, and a pantomimist.  This author, R.G. Davis, uses Charlie Chaplin as an example of a mime, and Marcel Marceau as a pantomimist.

Method in Mime

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