Nathan Barnatt

Twitter led me to this video by Nathan Barnatt. He falls down funny.

Barnatt has quite a few videos on youtube. I applaud him for how hard he works. This next one is also funny. He attends an open audition for dancers. The only reason they don’t throw him out is he actually has some skills. This is how I would be at an audition.

Joe Frisco – Vaudeville dancer

This dancer smokes, literally.

I can’t imagine we’ll ever see cigarettes in American animated films again, but they are great props. Cruella DeVille wouldn’t have been the same without her quellazaire.

Moscow Ballet “parody” of swing dancing

These dancers had professional looking moves. Here is the info from Dark Roasted Blend.

Not sure how this passed the communist censorship, but the world-famous Moiseyev Ballet in Moscow performed this dance not only during their trips to America in the 1960s but also at Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow in 1962. They did call it a “parody dance” in the official program – but they still have too much fun dancing it!

The body out of control

I really like this video. It was created by the Swedish firm Traktor. It’s slapstick, while being really cool.

Obviously it’s been done with simple wire removal. But the effect is wild. There is a certain fascination with uncontrolled motion. It’s not unlike some moments in Ratatouille when Remy is manipulating Linquini. Even something as small as an eye twitch can add a little effect to a reaction shot. (personally, I think eye twitches have become overused.)

Being “spastic” has always had a certain use in comedy. Jerry Lewis did it. And then there is this great moment from Seinfeld.

If you can think of any other examples of characters, live or animated, who have body control problems, I’d love to hear them. Please put them in the comments.

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