Rowan Atkinson’s Guide to Visual Comedy

Several years ago I read about an English television special from Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).   It was his Guide to Visual Comedy.  I eventually found a company that produced NTSC VHS tapes of British imports, and I got a copy.  It is a fun and informative introduction to some basic techniques of physical comedy.  He shows clips and acts out examples of what he is talking about.

As of this post update, here is an available video on YouTube of the complete program. Below are the parts I originally included.

Laughing Matters part 1

Laughing Matters part 2

Laughing Matters part 3

Laughing Matters part 5

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  1. The subtitles are indeed in Dutch. Thanks for showing the way to this tv special. I used it a long time ago when I still taught English in secondary school but I had lost track of it.


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