Banana peel slip animation – UPDATED

I just found this cool slow-mo video of slapstick antics. The banana peel slip at the start is the best bit. I noticed how when the foot steps down on the peel, it starts traveling forward faster.

A Slip in Time by dekku

After posting the pratfall analysis video I poked around the related videos, and found this one. This is a student animation of someone slipping on a banana peel.

The flip up in the air is great, but there is one other thing very wrong about it that is not funny.

The character appears to fall on his neck. It looks really painful. One of the classic ideas of physical comedy is to allow the audience some sense that the person wasn’t really hurt. The professionals who take such falls don’t land on their necks. They use techniques to soften the landing and the audience knows that.

Another way viewers would know that the person isn’t hurt is that they get up again without appearing to be in pain. Just lying there would leave the audience uncertain.


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