Charles Schulz draws Charlie Brown

Recently, the home of Charles Schulz burned down in the fires in Santa Rosa, California.  Fortunately, the Schulz museum was spared.  The museum is near the Redwood Arena.

When my family wants to go ice skating, we always go to the Redwood Arena. It was built by Schulz as a gift to the city he lived in. His studio is across the street, and every day for lunch, he would go to the arena and eat in the cafe. There is a table by the window with a reserved sign on it, in memory of him.

I love seeing that table, as a relic of a blessed man. He was an artist, he brought joy to millions of people for many years, and he grew extremely wealthy. That’s what we should all want to be. Here is a small clue to how he did it. He draws, and discusses his inspiration.

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