Bollywood action comedy

I know almost nothing about Bollywood.  But I love these gifs and videos of what appear to be “super cops.”  I am presenting them here as inspiration.  Thanks to extensive CG effects, they can do things we might have seen in cartoons back in the day.  But it’s not the CG.  It’s the imagination to think up the idea.

For example, if you brought a horse to a car chase, and suddenly find a tractor trailer in your way, here is one way around it.

Of course, you just slide your horse under the truck.

There are plenty of gun fights, and directors have to continuously create new ways to surprise the audience.  How about a self shooting boomerang gun…

Of course, once that’s been done, the next has to do it better.

While self shooting boomerang guns are impressive, if you really want to show the bad guys what a man you are, do this…


I’m not sure that was from Bollywood.  If you recognize it, PLEASE let me know, as I would like to track down more like it.

EDIT: Reader Vilhelm has informed me that video is from a Swedish film titled “Kopps”  I will leave it here anyway as it’s too funny to remove.

Some of these guys don’t even need guns.


We are getting into Popeye territory here.


It’s popular for students to animate a character doing parkour or martial arts.  How about combining them…

kickjumpCome on kids, use your imagination!  If an animation demo reel had something as fearless as that, it would grab their attention.

If the villain is about to run off a cliff pulling your girlfriend with him, you might save her by throwing your gurkha knife with deft precision.


All of these policeman are super cool under pressure.  This guy can step out of a spinning car, shoot the villains car, and yank him out of it as it flies over his head.


But nobody is cooler than this next guy.  Audiences love style, and this cop has more style than anyone.

I am aware of the independent film Kung Fury, which is wall to wall CG effects of this type.  But I have to say it didn’t work for me.  These examples are sequences within traditional narratives with characters you can engage with.  Like Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow movies, these action sequences serve the story.

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