Short film: KNOB


I am happy to share this short film from my friend Hans Tsai.  KNOB is a story about a germaphobe, Nigel, being stuck in the filthy restroom of the company that he is about to have a job interview. Nigel needs to escape the restroom in order to make it to his interview on time.  Oddly enough, I met Hans when I interviewed him for a job.  Based on a short clip from this film, he got the job. That’s a tip for you students.

Part of the success of this film is that people can relate to the experience of public bathrooms.  Comedy needs to be relatable.  I am also impressed with the high production quality.

KNOB is a 3D animated short film, worked on by many talented student artists from the StudioX Program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The team has spent almost 2 years on this project. It is written and directed by Hans Tsai, co-directed by Yi Lee and YaYu Chen, and produced by Lindsay Elgin.

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