My Amazon book list

If you are interested in books on the topic of physical comedy and animation, here is my LIST OF BOOKS ON AMAZON. Here are some of the covers…

Avner the Eccentric

Avner the  Eccentric is the stage name of Avner Eisenberg.  He has been performing as a vaudevillian/clown for decades, and runs a notable course in eccentric acting at the Celebration Barn in Maine.  I just ran across some videos on youtube, and wanted to share them.  He has great timing, and a nice rhythm to his acts, the result of years of practice.

Here he is a bit younger.

More Avner info here.

Jeff Raz talk on learning comedy

I met Jeff Raz back in 2003. I visited the Clown Conservatory at the Circus Center in San Francisco. He was the director and I was looking for a performer to assist me with my first Floyd the Android project. I thought there might be a student who fit the bill. He allowed me to watch him teach a class, and ultimately I found the talented Jeni Johnson.

Here is a recording of a talk Jeff gave to the Commonwealth Club on the topic of learning to be a clown. Remember, a cartoon character is just another form of clown. If you want to create characters, it goes farther than just drawing.

Clowning Around with Jeff Raz from Commonwealth Club on

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