How To Make Your Writing Funnier.

I stumbled across this nice animated Ted-Ed video about writing comedy by Cheri Steinkeller.  She briefly mentions Commedia Dell’arte, and the archetypes of comedy.  I have an entire chapter on comedic archetypes in my book, and they are all explained with live and animated examples.  If you like this video, you’ll get a lot out … Read more

Some history of character walks

I didn’t start off writing a post about character walks, but that’s where it ends up. Popular culture has been the breeding ground for many things that get developed into “highbrow” culture.  I recently learned a bit of trivia about the Commedia del ‘Arte that I had never heard before.   While driving home the Friday … Read more

More on Bouffon – the anti-clown.

If you have read my post on The Red Bastard, here is further information the clown type known as bouffon. I had the book “Why is That So Funny” by John Wright, sitting on my shelf for a quite a while, and I picked it up again. Rather than guess where I left off, I … Read more

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